Dear channel partner,

Effective from April 1st, 2022, several changes will enter into force regarding the private copy exception. The changes to the existing Belgian regulation will extend the scope of the private copy levy to consumer computers and InkJet single function printers and multifunctional devices.

For consumer computers such private copy levy will be € 4. For InkJet single function printers and multifunctional devices, the private copy levy will be € 2,50.

Please note that the private copy levy is due by manufacturers as well as importers and intra-Community purchasers, retailers, resellers or wholesalers of these products and who are the first to bring them on Belgian territory. These persons or companies need to declare such products on a monthly basis to Auvibel and pay Auvibel the levy for such products upon receipt of an invoice.

As a manufacturer and non-exclusive importer of these products, HP will comply with its statutory obligations as from April 1st, 2022.

The product lines for consumer printers will need to be identified in a bilateral agreement with Auvibel. HP Belgium BV intends to have such agreement in place with Auvibel to identify the consumer and business product lines of its notebooks and desktops. The negotiations of such bilateral agreement are not completed.

If we do not have such bilateral agreement in place by April 1st, 2022, we will nevertheless apply above mentioned legal private copy levy to the HP consumer PS product lines and HPS InkJet printers:

  • For consumer computers, we assume the following product lines will be in scope:
    1M00, 6J00, M500, KV00, M600, M700 & M800

    • 1M00 – Consumer Volume Desktop
    • 6J00 – Consumer Premium Desktops
    • M500 – Gaming Desktops
    • KV00 – Volume Notebooks
    • M600 – Consumer Chromebooks
    • M700 – Gaming Notebooks
    • M800 – Consumer Premium Notebooks
  • For InkJet printing products, we assume the following product lines will be in scope:
    7T, DU, GC, 5M, 2N, 4H, IF, LG, LO

    • 7T00 – OJ Pro Printers
    • DU00 – OJ Pro Specialties
    • GC00 – CISS
    • 5M00 – Envy Standard
    • 2N00 – DeskJet Standard
    • 4H00 – Home OfficeJet
    • IF00 – Photo Lifestyle
    • LG00 – CTSS
    • LO00 – DeskJet HP+

For more information on the private copy exception and the Belgian regulation in this regard, please visit the website of Auvibel via

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Wim Vandebergen
Country Commercial Channel Sales Manager
HP BeLux